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Hello, welcome to my new World View Outreach webpage and blog.  My educational background is in Science, B.S. M.S. Physics and Math, B.S.  As a physicist, I was taught that the universe arose out of a Big Bang and life evolved by random chance.  More on that later in my Blog.  After a 25+ year career as an Engineering Scientist and Research Engineer at major Aerospace firms, I retired and entered into the ministry.  As an Associate Pastor at Calvary Chapel,  I developed a teaching ministry centered around Biblical Creation and Evolution.  I was also a Pastor at Life’s Destiny Church and served as Dean of Destiny College of Ministry.  When the opportunity arose to teach Physics and Math as an Adjunct Professor at Arizona Christian University, I was blessed to be able to integrate faith in God into my physics and math classes.  I am retired again, and concentrating on ministry as a part time Chaplain and on putting my World View Outreach Ministry on the Internet.  I pray that this website and blog will become a place where seekers can find the truth about Jesus Our Creator, and those who are in need of prayer or assurance of God’s love can be comforted.

I will tell you more in my blogs about the testimonies of 28 scientists who’s lives were transformed by the evidence for creation.  My chapter in this book published in 2014 is entitled “The Astronomer With the Bible Class.”

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